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WTF? Millionaire John McAfee's crazy new video | Daily Mail Online adult crazy video

Ok let's start this off with a big THANK YOU to all you Crazy Cart fans that spread the product and especially those of you who demanded an 'adult-size' version! As you see in the video, we have tried to design it as such.

Bizarre video of John McAfee boasting about having sex and snorting 'bath salts' as he slams former anti-virus company. Software king John McAfee uploaded a video to his blog on Wednesday showing him being groped by big busted women and snorting 'bath salts' John McAfee On Bangkok.

The Cart is crazy fun and it can hold riders up to 240 pounds so this is something us Dads can play with! 50+ MPH MOTORIZED DRIFTING TRICYCLE! Ride on Cars vs Power Wheels vs Drift Cart Race!.