Scoliosis Surgery - What to Expect - spinal fusion surgery scoliosis video adult


spinal fusion surgery scoliosis video adult

Full video on OOT: Surgeon: Othmar Schwarzenba Short segment treatment of adult degenerative scoliosis with TLIF L3/L4 MIS TLIF Spinal Fusion Surgery, L4-L5-S1, 2 Weeks Post-Op - Duration: 9:36. Derek Spratt.

Full video on OOT: Surgeons: Max Aebi MD, Prof Revision and stabilisation surgery of an adult degenerative scoliosis . Posterior Revision Decompression and Lumbar Fusion Surgery of the Spine - Duration: 24:03.

Surgical treatment of adult scoliosis involves decompression, correction and fusion. Together, these procedures relieve nerve compression.